Three Building Blocks of Success Overview

In this customized workshop, we study, practice and refine the building blocks of an effective client relationship: connect, educate and partner.

The foundational step of serving a client and reaching goals is the ability to establish an initial rapport through conversation and develop trust and confidence in each subsequent session.

We learn the effective and powerful use of helping skills including listening, responding, clarifying, caring and expressing personal warmth for a client.
Connect is accomplished through engagement and the beginning of a partnership based on trust and mutual respect.

The career advisor is equipped with labor market information and a thorough understanding of the two job search methods used today. One has a minimal success rate while the other has a clear path toward opportunities to interview and land an offer. The key in this skill is to facilitate the opportunity and earn the right to be a part of your client’s success.

This building block is about working in a collaborative partnership with a client as well as other workforce development agencies. Partnering is based on mutual respect, accountability and trust that each partner will accomplish timely goals and achieve the outcomes agreed upon.

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Connect, Educate, Partner Slide Deck

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