Three decks.

One methodology.

The 21st century world of work and job search process are unprecedented in complexity.

The Interview Box, College Edition (2017) contains a strategic approach to effectively prepare a new graduate for the interview based on targeted company research. Specifically, the cultural predictors of the likely style of interviewing the new professional can anticipate.

Determining the company culture is a critical strategy for effective interview preparation. Leadership drives culture, culture drives the interview style, and the interview style drives the questions asked. Culture is an invisible force of influence on the entire interview experience. Determining the company’s culture is the foundation for a successful interview experience and concurrently empowers the student to determine a right fit.

The Interview Box is designed for highly motivated job-seekers to research, prepare and succeed in the interviewing process with a solid understanding of how company culture drives the entire interview experience.

A small investment for a big opportunity!

The Interview Box


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