What does it mean to be college and career ready?

Career Span, Inc. recognizes the high school and college years can be very stressful for students and parents. Choosing a major, college and career seem daunting and overwhelming especially with the rising cost of a college education.

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Our approach with high school students is tailored to their individual strengths and interest patterns. We coach students to:

Identify skills they enjoy using and future skills to learn

Understand the critical skills employers want in future workers and begin developing them now

Explore the world of work and grasp the influences of the 21st century knowledge economy

Clarify the purpose for choosing the best possible post secondary educational option

Form a decision-making strategy for the constant change and turbulence they can expect at work

Consider available opportunities to diversify income no matter what career path is chosen

High school students

We prepare individual students for the important decision of choosing their next post-secondary educational experience as a foundation of their career choices.

This includes career assessments to explore interest patterns, temperament, employability skills and their unique EQ (emotional intelligence) quotient. We facilitate a course of action to determine optimum career paths as the student explores possible majors or courses of study. Concurrently, we also help students understand the constantly changing landscape of the world of work. We prepare every student to articulate a rational for their post secondary goals and how those goals align to their individual strengths.

We offer additional guidance for each student on how to craft a resume, prepare for an interview and to use effective job search strategies.

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