Testimonials of Graduates


The comments below are from participants in this training program who have successfully earned certification as Global Career Development Facilitators.
“The training experience that was provided gave me one-on-one time with the instructors… hands on activities, and personal involvement. This allowed me to become more confident in my current position and it taught me how to actually listen and have compassion to my fellow co-workers, as well as the clients we serve.”

“I was part of the second GCDF training class and I felt so honored to have been given this opportunity. I have learned so much, and I find that I use this knowledge everyday, and not just with my work. This training has made me a much better case manager. I feel that I now have a better understanding of my clients, and their needs. My listening skills are 100 percent better, which in turn enables me to better facilitate the services we offer to my clients. The instructors were very knowledgeable and presented the training in ways that I found to be most helpful. They have made these skills second nature to me, and just part of my everyday routine.

“Obtaining the GCDF certification has provided me with career development tools and knowledge that has impacted my life both professionally and personally. I have returned to college after several decades. Without GCDF classes, I would not have had the confidence to do this. Lifelong learning is a long-term goal I have set for myself because of what I learned in GCDF classes.”

“I have never been to a training that was so interesting and motivational.”

“I am so glad I was given the opportunity to attend the GCDF class. The class showed me other ways to assist clients with their career goals. Since attending the class, I have learned to set boundaries for myself both personally and professionally. The class helped me to realize that everyone has boundaries, and this is vital when working with a client.”

“The opportunity to enroll in and be part of a GCDF training was one of the greatest decisions I have made. I not only enjoyed being in a classroom setting with people that were so warm, intelligent and enlightening, but I was afforded the opportunity to grow in a field that I truly love. I love my job as a Case Manage, and working with clients from all ages to pursue their career goals. The GCDF training enhanced my abilities beyond what I could have imagined, and the ongoing training sessions keep me up to date on the latest techniques, news, and opportunities for growth for myself and my clients.”

“The GCDF certificate program was one of those life changing experiences that one only has a couple of times in their life. I probably learned more about myself personally than at any other time in my career. GCDF is the ultimate motivation for any workforce professional. It is truly a growing experience!”

“GCDF training was the most rewarding training I have ever experienced. The instructors were excellent. They are the most professional and down-to-earth ladies I have ever met. Anyone who has the opportunity to take training under Carla and Caroline should jump at the chance to gain the knowledge and experience they have to offer. It is well worth your time, and you will never forget it.”

“I am very proud to say that I was among the first graduating GCDF class taught by Carla and Caroline of Career Span. I completed training and obtained my credential May 13, 2006. The training was very educational and rewarding. The training provided new skills, enabled me to build on existing skills and enhanced my ability to provide the most effective services our clients.”

“The GCDF training has helped me in so many ways in doing my job. I feel that due to receiving the training and obtaining the GCDF credential, I am much better qualified to help my participants reach their career goals. I appreciate being given the opportunity to receive the GCDF training and obtaining the credential, and I highly recommend it to anyone in this area of work to help them better serve their clients needs. I feel that I am a much better employee to my agency because of receiving this training.”

“My GCDF training experience was a very challenging and rewarding experience. I enjoyed each and every session throughout the months, and I was always thankful that I was given the opportunity to receive such a prominent credential. This is asset which I can use to make a difference in someone else’s life. The instructors were fantastic, very dedicated, and knowledgeable women in their career.”

“It is very difficult to give a brief quote on my experience in GCDF training because it taught me so much. GCDF training has given me a whole new outlook on my job. I always knew I loved what I did, but Carla and Caroline helped me to know why I love what I do. They gave me the confidence in myself to return to school and complete my degree I had started so many years ago. GCDF has helped me to listen and learn from my participants.”

“The GCDF classes have made me truly realize the importance of the job of a Career Advisor. As my skills were improved by these classes, the lives of my clients are also now made better. Using the resources I received through these classes, I have the personal satisfaction each day of making a difference in someone’s life. My instructors made the training fascinating and very informative, and I would recommend the GCDF training to everyone.”

“GCDF training and certification attainment were very positive aspects of my life. It was a great experience both professionally and personally. The training encourages growth in all competency areas and was not at all what I expected it to be when I first applied for the opportunity to receive the training. I would encourage anyone who is given the opportunity to take the challenge and rise above their own expectations.”

“The year-long commitment was worth the vast amount of information I was able to obtain and apply to those I serve in the community.”

“I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to become credentialed as a GCDF. The training was an incredible experience. The trainers’ knowledge and presentation of the material is phenomenal!”

“I loved the GCDF training with Carla and Caroline, and I would strongly encourage this training to all individuals who work or plan on working with the general public. This training gave me the tools that I now use on a daily basis both professionally and personally. It has provided me with the knowledge and understanding needed to connect with an individual on a more in-depth level. I truly feel that I am a better person, I feel that my clients now have the opportunity to gain from my knowledge obtained during this training.”

“Through the Global Career Development Facilitator training, I have obtained new skills and improved upon skills that I was already utilizing. Receiving the GCDF certification has definitely enhanced my ability to better assist the clients that I serve.”

“The GCDF training was an opportunity of a lifetime. When I attended each monthly training session, I always left with such valuable information that has helped me tremendously. When I attained my credential, I felt like I had really accomplished something. I am proud to have been a part of the GCDF training and would recommend it to anyone who would want to better their self in a helping field.”

“The GCDF was a great experience. It has opened a whole new world for me. I recommend it for everybody.”

“GCDF broadened my style of case management to incorporate a much more interpersonal way of connecting with my clients. I think that my performance has greatly improved since completing the GCDF certification. I would recommend this certification to anyone who serves the public.”

“This training has not only affected my work, but also my life and I cannot say enough good things about it. The training is exceptional. I always thought of myself as a decent listener, but now I’m more aware of my listening. I walked away with the ability to help people effectively create resumes and cover letters. I learned how to make a resume work for the job seeker. There is a confidence that comes with knowing you have had excellent, certified trainers show you how to correctly do things. The trainers take time to make sure you understand the task at hand. The atmosphere is so positive. You leave the weekend feeling refreshed and looking for ways to apply that weekend’s lesson. This training is so much more than ‘textbook.’ It’s real life application. Anyone who gets the opportunity to attend this training needs apply ASAP!”

“Completing the GCDF training has been one of the best decisions that I have ever made. I am more focused in my profession, and it has helped me become a better employee, wife, and mother. I recommend this training.”

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