Our Career Coaching Process

We recognize every client is unique with a diverse and rich background of experience. Yet, we all confront change (planned or unplanned). How do we navigate change in a healthy, productive and effective way?

We build a relationship with you to provide tools to help you through our four-step model called SOAR.

  1. Self-assess
  2. Explore options
  3. Action steps
  4. Resulting success

This model serves as a guide to know your strengths, to learn about companies who need your skills and to form an action plan to accomplish your goal.

We offer career assessments to help you learn about your interest patterns, personality, skills and values. These factors are crucial to understand and validate when making a career transition.

We offer effective tools to help you prepare for the job search process.

These tools include: 

  • Understanding the Art and Science of Targeted Resume Crafting
  •  Interview preparation and identification to know the questions you’ll be asked
  •  The Ten Step Process of Job Search Success
  •  The Intentional Method of Strategic Action
  •  Building Your LinkedIn Digital Identity Using Social Media for Professional Success

Career coaching facilitates active change not from the posture of fear, but rather excitement about what is ahead. This turning of positive change is the result of forming “career” into an action verb with a plan.

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