Customer Service in Workforce Development

The career professional in workforce development is strategically positioned to facilitate a change of course in people’s lives.

This includes:

Today’s high school students struggling to stay in school and graduate with a diploma

The hard to reach out of school youth who is likely one or two courses from a GED and new start

The low wage worker trying to make a better life and get beyond a cycle of poverty

The dislocated or displaced worker experiencing a business closing its doors or an industry decline with no prospects of future work

No matter what each person faces, the critical factor of their experience with workforce services, is HOW the career staff made them feel.

The customer service orientation of workforce development must have a three-fold process:



In our customer service interactive training, we map the course of what empathy, engagement and empowerment provide each client.

Without these essential components, every program, outreach and service will have continual challenges in helping every client reach goals. With them, the process and experience of every client will be beneficial and rewarding.

Our four hour seminar includes hands-on learning to build the essential customer service orientation for effective workforce services.

Call us today for an estimated cost of the delivery of this one-day workshop. Price includes all materials.

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