Career Advising Academy Overview
Career Span, Inc. developed the Career Advising Academy to help develop, build and improve the essential and fundamental skills of helping clients get jobs.

This seminar can be customized into a one-day, two-day or three day module course. Each day is five hours of interactive and instructive learning.

The academy objective:

The objective of the academy is to build a strong and successful expertise for each career advisor to construct, write and deliver a client resume that results in job interviews and landing an offer.
Using current labor market trends and knowledge, career advisors will increase understanding and implementation of skills to empower clients and improve the performance goals of advisors.

Training participants will learn:
1. To build, write and assist clients in writing a winning resume that lands the job interview for a client. Writing an effective resume is crucial to career advising and must be the foundation of helping clients. Every client needs a quality resume. The review of this skill is integrated into every training module.
2. To help career advisors thoroughly prepare to successfully perform at an interview through practice, career advisor motivation and the building of self-confidence. Preparation will be the STAR method of interviewing.
3. To successfully search for and find jobs not yet advertised through public media by building employer relationships, researching LMI, empowering clients to know the most effective strategies.
4. To build a strong and supportive relationship between career advisor and client as the axis of a successful outcome of exiting to employment.

Career Advising Academy Slide Deck

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