Our Staff Development and Training Philosophy

Career Span, Inc. has extensive training experience and is a certified instructor for the National Career Development Association and the Center for Credentialing and Education in the Global Career Development Facilitator (GCDF) credential.
We train adults using the following paradigm of designing and customizing our curriculum:

1. We acknowledge lectures tend to be boring even when the content is very important.
2. We believe adults have multiple learning styles so we intentionally incorporate various methods to instill concepts.
3. We give ample time to practice the methodologies we teach.
4. We give feedback on how to improve in a constructive and positive way.
5. We are continuous learners with a bent for understanding the world of work and how people find meaning in what they do.

We believe workforce development professionals must have the essential skills of career advising to be successful in their work.

This includes:

1. The twelve essential competencies of a successful career advisor (GCDF).
2. The workforce development customer service orientation of empathy, engagement and empowerment.
3. The basic knowledge and ability to help a client craft a resume, prepare for an interview and land an offer taught in the Career Advising Academy.
4. Develop effective and dynamic relationships with clients and other regional agencies knowing the building blocks of connect, educate and partner.

We offer many career development seminars. Please call us today for a consultation and estimate to customize a training for your organization today.

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