Workforce Development Consulting

For over a decade, Career Span, Inc. has served as a consultant for EKCEP, Inc. To learn more about EKCEP, click here

Career Span, Inc. has trained over 120 workforce development specialists in the Global Career Development Facilitator Credential (GCDF), a professional certification for successful career advising expertise in the 21st century workplace.

Career Span, Inc. has a depth of knowledge in coaching and mentoring leaders to engage, develop and promote the wellbeing of staff members through effective communication, conflict resolution and building exceptional listening skills.

Our consulting services include:

Leadership coaching

Policy development based on principles

How to build strong partnerships through collaboration

Developing an Interpersonal Customer Service Model

Building a solid infrastructure of processes for successful client interactions, appointments and exiting to employment

Serving as a liaison between employers and workforce development

Click here to discover more about our Workforce Opportunity Project in which we interviewed 100 employers face-to-face about future workforce needs.

For more specifics about our staff development and training, click here.

For more about our GCDF credential for workforce development, click here.

We customize all training and consulting services to increase performance and outcomes.

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