Career Span’s goal is to help individuals successfully “career” in the 21st century workplace. We offer career coaching, transition services, and share effective tools to craft a resume, prepare for an interview and land the offer.
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Peter's Story

“I came to Career Span in the midst of a very difficult time in my career. I had lost confidence in myself and had felt little sense of worth in my job. Career counseling was one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had. Career Span showed me what careers I would be best at an enjoy most. My counselor renewed my sense of self worth and showed me how valuable my skill set is. Today, I have a job I love and a plan for the future.”


“I was floundering around, taking community college classes in a feeble attempt to find something that would interest me. Career Span's staff helped me uncover where my interests really are. I'm heading back to class, but this time I'm excited. At the end of my coursework, I will be well equipped for the career change that I have chosen. My company has invested in me by offering Career Span services and I appreciate that very much.”