Today’s high schools are woefully inadequate in preparing students for career development success. Many students exit high school without a clue as to an optimal major or basic career path that maximizes their unique strengths.

There are four major reasons for this deficit:

  1. Our education system as a whole is still educating on the paradigm of an industrial economy. We are now in a knowledge economy and the rules of success have changed.
  2. High schools promote career readiness as a high GPA, certain ACT scores or acceptance into a college program. A Bachelor’s degree is NOT the ticket to a job in today’s workforce. Career Span has extensive experience educating and empowering youth to recognize the critical importance of an intentional progression of navigating the complexity of today’s world of work.
  3. Guidance counselors in general are focused on the immediate needs of individual students and graduation requirements. They have little time to implement future career planning strategies with students.
  4. We are in the midst of a work revolution affected by a global economy, technological advances and unprecedented immediate access to information. At least 25% of the job titles in 2020 have yet to be created!

Preparing for College Success is a career development track specifically designed to help high school students preparing to transition beyond high school to college or vocational training opportunities. The track includes six hours of one-on-one career counseling.

The career counselor and student will assess the primary career development factors that affect finding and enjoying not only the right major or area of study but also career options and possibilities.

These factors include:

  • Family influences and occupational choices
  • Personality preferences
  • Interests patterns and themes
  • Skill-set both in proficiency and enjoyment
  • Values and beliefs including what a student is most passionate about

When completed, each student will identify the following:

  • A course of study to consider as a major or training opportunity
  • A list of colleges tailored to the needs of each student
  • Successful learning and study skills strategies
  • An understanding of today’s world of work and the effective strategies to successfully navigate it.
  • A business portfolio for career success

Cost of the career counseling track for high school students: $600

Email Career Span at or call (859) 233-7726 to schedule your first session.

Each of the six sessions is one hour and the entire track is paid for in advance. Cancellation policy for sessions is a 48-hour notice.

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