Global Career Development Facilitator (GCDF) Certification Training Schedule

To complete the GCDF certification class each student must have a minimum of 80 hours of face-to-face instruction and 40 hours of homework outside of class for a total of 120 hours.

Here is a tentative schedule of our 11 classes for a total of 90 hours of instruction:

    • Training #1:
      “Introduction to Becoming a GCDF Helper”
    • Training #2:
      “Helping Relationships”
    • Training #3:
      “Ethics and Legal Issues”
    • Training #4:
      “Career Theory and Models”
    • Training #5:
      “Employability Skills”
    • Training #6:
      “Diverse Populations”
    • Training #7:
      “Labor Market Information and Resources”
    • Training #8:
      “Career Assessments and Technology”
    • Training #9:
      “Job Seeking Strategies”
    • Training #10:
      “Program Implementation, Consultation, Promotion and Public Relations”
    • Training #11:
      ” Training Clients and Peers”

Location, time and class format
Our GCDF training takes place in Lexington, Ky. at a location to be determined based on class size. Each training day starts at 9 a.m. and ends at 5 p.m. on our designated dates. We take small breaks often and have a working group lunch. All class members are responsible for their lunch and snacks. Dress is casual. We have many activities and discussions during the training. Students are encouraged to bring snacks, drinks and comfortable attire. The location will be handicap accessible. Please let us know if you have any special needs.

We train a GCDF class in Lexington based on demand. If you have a minimum of ten persons to train in this credential, please call us at 859-608-9756. If you want to know about the next class we will offer, please complete the form below.



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